Hot Since 82: Interview

Before playing at Apogee's second instalment at Vauxhall's Lightbox in June, we caught up with Leeds based DJ and Producer Hot Since 82. Daley gave a little incite of where he's been, what he's been doing and what's in his box at the moment.

1) Tell me a bit about what you do, who you are and your background – how you got started etc…

So lm Daley Padley other wise known in the dance industry as Hot Since 82.

My back ground has always been music, lve been playing since l was 17 so around 12 years and producing music since 2004.

I started playing in local bars etc in my hometown of sunny Barnsley in Yorkshire, and progressing to the stage lm at now. Im into all sounds of electronic music, from house to techno.

Guy gerber & M.A.N.D.Y are among my fave producers.

2) Who were the local DJs/promoters you looked up to when you were younger and the nights you went to?

Well l was heavily influenced by the early 90’s rave scene, and Radio 1 dance shows such as The Essential Selection and Danny Rampling’s love Groove show. Albums wise, The shamens Boss Drum, Prodigy’s One love etc were essential in my early days.

3) Best club night you’ve played at (past and present)?

Best lve played at is probably the terrace @ Amnesia Ibiza

Recently it would have to be Pearl in Lyon. That was dOPE.

4) Who’s your tip for hottest up-and-coming talent?

Im getting a lot of cool music from a Swiss guy called Francys, but my head is at Nico Lah’s new stuff. Its amazing.

5) What would your big tip be fore young DJs/producers?

Just to stick to your roots and play/produce what you love. Myself in the past have made the mistake in making music for money, in the long run it will drain you and totally un-inspire you.. Don’t go there !!!! Keep it real.

6) Can you tell us your top 5 tracks at the moment?

1. Balcazar, Sordo – Don’t Ask Me ( Nico Lahs Mix )
2. Hot Since 82 – Everyday
3. Francys – Lonely Road
4. Clockwork + Avatism – One
5. Jack Union – Now is the time

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